Group Distance Healings

Themed Energy Healing

Compassionate Presence

Wednesdays 8-8:45 pm PDT

Soften into compassionate presence with your inner landscape, with energy healing tools from VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

Relax & Nourish

Wednesday 8/4, 8-8:45 pm PDT

If you feel overwhelmed by obligations or if it’s hard for you to relax, this is a chance to receive rest and replenish.

In this Themed Energy Healing, I will channel VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing to relax and nourish your system.

During the session, I offer guidance for softening in to receive this healing, and let you know how I’m using VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing in real time.

Themed Energy Healing meets on Zoom and is hosted by Freedom Yoga. Limited to 15 participants.

$15 / drop-in

$55 / pack of 4 session credits
Expires 6 months after purchase

Sunday Series


With the deeper transformation that Grace level VortexHealing® offers, Sunday Series sessions now offer deeper healing and are extended to one hour.

Root: Tune Up Your 1st Chakra

Sunday 8/22, 6:30-7:30 pm PDT

Receive a tuneup for your root chakra. This energy center is associated with stability, survival, connection with one’s body and the earth, and the right to be here and have needs met.

Join this small-group healing via Zoom, or simply relax and receive. On Zoom, I offer guidance for softening in to receive this group healing, and let you know how I’m using VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing in real time. All who sign up will be included in the healing whether or not they choose to join on Zoom.

Each session limited to 15 participants.

$20 / participant

If cost is a barrier and you would like to participate, please reach out. I have a few sliding scale spots available.

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Group Healing Feedback

“You are very good at guiding people to relax, receive and allow. And you have a really good grasp of spirituality, healing, living life as a Human Being and consciousness.” – Caleb

“It feels like I’m surrounded by a beautiful loving energy.” – Lucy

“Thank you Megumi! I love your transmissions and that Christmas morning feeling that I get the next day!“ – Roz

Private Sessions:

Deepest Healing and Transformation

Private VortexHealing sessions can use healing tools that can’t be used in group sessions, and focus more healing power your way. Plus, the focus is on you. You tell me what you’d like to focus on, and we explore this issue in your energy system together as the healing unfolds.

Sessions may integrate other modalities to support embodied and compassionate awareness of your parts and access to your innate wisdom, or work purely with VortexHealing.

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