Group Distance Healings

Something fresh is coming.

I am taking a pause on my group healings – a pause to allow for renewal.

During the winter quarter, I’ll be refreshing my practice so I can most effectively serve you.

Since spring 2020, I’ve offered nearly a hundred group healings and nearly two hundred private sessions, as well as leveling up with several VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing classes and the input of other healing modalities and a heart-centered business training.

I’ll be updating my offerings to best serve from where I now stand.

I’m excited about the changes you’ll see coming through. I’m allowing space for these to develop by releasing the rhythm I’ve carried for over a year of 5-7 group healings a month.

I’ll continue to offer private sessions through this time, and I’ll continue to send healing nuggets and updates through my newsletter.

Something fresh is in the works, which I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. Make sure you get my updates by receiving my newsletters:

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Group Healing Feedback

“You are very good at guiding people to relax, receive and allow. And you have a really good grasp of spirituality, healing, living life as a Human Being and consciousness.” – Caleb

“It feels like I’m surrounded by a beautiful loving energy.” – Lucy

“Thank you Megumi! I love your transmissions and that Christmas morning feeling that I get the next day!“ – Roz

Wanting more support?

I help people who are anxious, who get overwhelmed interacting with others, who want to have an easier time being themselves.

If this sounds familiar, let’s chat!

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